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  • Medication Management

  • Counseling & TMS Therapy

  • Telepsychiatry

  • Pharmacogenomic Solutions

  • Concierge Sports Psychiatry

Medication Management

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Medication management involves outpatient evaluation and management of psychotropic medications used to treat adult mental health conditions. Patients visit our clinic because they become frustrated after having tried multiple medications without any effective relief from their symptoms. They may be hesitant to try a new medication or feel that the only answer is to take additional medication to effectively treat their condition. Some adults are also hesitant to retry medications that have not worked for them in the past but could now be helpful.
Refresh TMS provides care in an empathetic, non-judgmental and warm manner. Let us help you find relief from adult mental health conditions with as few medications as possible and safer alternatives to high-risk medications.

Our medication treats:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Finding the right medication is only part of the solution. Effective management of illnesses related to mental health also depends on taking the right dosage at regular intervals. Skipping your medication due to cost or forgetfulness or trying to change your dosage on your own impact the effectiveness of your treatment and can place your physical and mental health at risk.
Affordability: Are you taking less than your required dosage or skipping doses because your medication is too expensive? We can help you find a more affordable solution including generic meds or trying a similar medication that is less expensive.

Accessibility: Once we have your medication management plan established, we will work with you to make sure your medications are refilled when and where you need them. This is helpful for people who might have trouble getting to the pharmacy or who frequently travel.

Overwhelming Medication Regimen: Patients sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of medications they are taking. Our medication analysis includes a full review of each medication to see if there are ways to simplify your daily regimen. This can sometimes include slowly eliminating unnecessary medications and supplements.

Undesirable Side Effects: Sometimes patients will skip doses or stop taking their anxiety, depression or ADHD medication because of the side effects. Instead of skipping doses, let us help you find mental health meds that will effectively treat your condition with fewer or no side effects.

Finding Alternatives to High-Risk Medications: Even if your current medication and dosage are working just fine, there are safer alternatives to controlled substances and other high-risk medications. These medications are often prescribed for short-term use but soon become part of a patient’s daily medicine regimen and in some cases can result in chemical dependency. Replacing high-risk medications with safer alternatives can provide the same amount of relief without the risk.
Every patient is unique, and so is their response to medication. As specialists in treating psychiatric conditions, our clinicians understand that each psychiatric medication is also unique, even when compared to other psychiatric medications in the same class. Optimal medication management involves assessing for an individual’s unique set of stressors, symptoms, physical condition, and lifestyle including sleep, physical activity, and diet. At your initial consultation, we will take the time to understand a patient thoroughly in order to allow for more informed decision-making on optimal medications to treat their condition.

In addition to medication management, psychiatric specialists also oversee the other treatments provided for the well being of a patient. Directing all the other specialists involved in a patient’s care brings their care plan into harmony. Although psychiatric specialists may not directly provide the coaching, therapy, or guidance of other skill, their ability in directing this orchestra of patient care plays an important role in a patient’s well-being.
Sometimes patients have previously been prescribed psychiatric medications that did not provide any relief of their symptoms, so it is understandable that this person would be hesitant to retry medication. However, our psychiatric specialists have encountered many patients who experience relief of symptoms when retrying a medication.

Our psychiatric specialists understand the nuances of these medications and because of this additional expertise, our can appropriate the dose and timing of these medications to achieve successful treatment of psychiatric conditions. For example, a male patient was taking gabapentin for anxiety but was not seeing any changes in his symptoms. During our medication analysis, we discovered that he had been prescribed a sub-clinical dose and was not taking enough for the medication to effectively treat his anxiety.

Together, we will work on a medication management plan aimed at finding the right medication and dosage based on your type of mental illness and individual needs. Whether you have Bipolar Disorder, adult ADHD, depression or anxiety, our psychiatrists can help you find symptom management solutions that allow you to lead a healthier and more balanced life.

Counseling & TMS Therapy:

Finding the right fit

Refresh TMS is prepared to help you deal with your mental health requirements. Whether it’s supporting a patient as they regain self-confidence or intervening in a crisis, our mental health experts can help those who are having issues handling their personal, work, and family lives because of mental ailments.
Asking for help for your mood swings, substance abuse, and depression is a symptom of strength.
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All the advantages of visiting a psychiatrist or counselor, without visiting their clinic at all. Increasing access to care while limiting time in the waiting room. At Refresh TMS, we provide telepsychiatry to connect our patients with psychiatrists and mental health experts through online video sessions. In a world full of noise, this new way of interaction with health professionals really does wonders for individuals in need.
This type of flexibility and convenience maximizes your outreach and availability, making it simpler to offer the patients the most vigilant care where and when they require it. Regular behavioral therapy and counseling are improved when patients can join video sessions from the comfort of their houses.

Benefits of Telepsychiatry

You must have a laptop, desktop, or smartphone with an active internet connection.
Our clinic will send you the link through email or patient portal.
Once you sign the consent forms electronically, we will set up the appointment time and date.
You will have to download a video chat app to access the session.

Pharmacogenomic Solutions

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We create tailored medicines by supporting clinical research firms and pharmaceutical companies to aid their drug development programs to offer more effective and secure drugs to market faster.
What are pharmacogenomics?
Pharmacogenomics helps us understand why people respond to meds differently. This field of genomics and science enables us to expect the response of a person to medicine, helping us choose some drugs over others. Moreover, it has the capacity of producing safe, effective medications and drugs personalized to every individual.
Not everybody responds to medicines similarly.
A drug that works properly for others may not work perfectly for you and could output some side effects as well. In Florida, negative drug reactions lead to a large number of hospitalizations and are a big reason behind deaths in hospitalized individuals.
Pharmacogenomic analysis helps prevent harmful drug reactions by pre-detecting patients at risk. Our pharmacogenomic analysis will research your genetic profile to decide what drugs are a perfect fit for you or dangerous for your health before you can take any medication.

Concierge Sports Psychiatry:

Independent consultations

The Refresh TMS specializes in the management of brain & behavioral health conditions that may arise in collegiate and professional athletes competing at the elite level. Untreated conditions may contribute to suboptimal performance, personal problems, and also have the potential to effect the entire team.
The needs of the collegiate and professional athlete are specific and demanding. Refresh TMS Psychiatry streamlines the process to create convenient, collaborative, and effective relationships that let athletes get quality mental health care.
We understand that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to athletic mental health

Our sports psychiatry treats:

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